Air Cross Solutions

FPAS Accredited

Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme

Air Cross Solutions proudly holds FPAS (Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme) accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to safety standards in HVAC systems. This provides us with the ability to conduct and sign off on AFSS (Annual Fire Safety Statement) and all respective repairs including, dampers and pressurisation systems.

All Air Cross Solutions technicians are trained to ensure compliance with  safety requirements and maintenance of asset integrity.

An Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) is a document issued by or on behalf of the owner(s) of an existing building. This is an annual statement that indicates that each fire safety measure that applies to that building has been inspected by a competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP) and that the systems perform as required. Annual Fire Safety Statements must be issued for every building other than class 1 (house), this must be done using a standard template form published by the NSW Government.
Following April 2020, only Competent Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSPs) accredited under the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) will be able to complete the inspection, testing and maintenance for an AFSS.
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